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Ladies Wear- Manuka

What do you expect from a ladies wear clothing brand? You expect to product find from head to foot, aren’t you? Manuka is just for you! Yes, completely from head to foot, Manuka is bringing the items that you want together for Manuka fans. In Manuka, you can find and complete your outfit all kinds of products which you are looking for, from hats to socks. If the items of clothing are not enough for you, then do you want to peek at our accessory products? Manuka is not just giving you clothing options from head to foot, but also is offering a wide range of products with phone cases and women's jewelry. 

 You will go to work in the daytime and you are looking for casual elegance? You will meet your friend in the nighttime and have a party? Do you have a hiking plan for the weekend? Then, why do you stay here? The first thing that you need to do is to go to the Manuka store or enter the Manuka online website and get the clothes that you need! And now you are ready to get your program. 

You caught the elegance outside, what about at home? To want to be chic, beautiful, and fit at home like outside is every woman’s right. Then, Manuka will be a place for what you look for with various home products. Because Manuka pledges you to feel special. 

Manuka has constantly renewed product options that follow the trends from its heart and so, it increases its charm with advantageous prices. It means that Manuka engages both your style and pocket. Surely, while doing these, Manuka does without making any concessions from quality. 

There are basic models, sparkly models, and products for all ages and styles in Manuka’s collection. Manuka, which has the aim valued customers to feel valuable with its summer, winter, spring, autumn fabrics in every season forms the products with vibrant tones of all colors.

Coat Models 

The coats are undoubtedly indispensable outerwear in the winter months. People think that the coats are dark colors and dreary since that colors represent the winter. Well, what is the obstacle to colorful coats? The only obstacle is an idea and not to cross the limits… So, Manuka is going on the stage at this moment and it offers color range in winter as to how they do it in summer and spring. Furthermore, Manuka offers the most beautiful tone of colors and pastel colors. Besides colorful options, it is possible that you can find several coat alternatives such as oversized, double-breasted, plaid, vintage-looking in our stores and online sales site.

Bag Models

We, as the Manuka family, attach importance to materials which we used and use different alternatives in materials when we add variety in bag models. While doing these, our aim is to ensure that our customers buy them with peace in mind and make products that will attract their attention. There are many options among our bag models such as canvas bags, leather bags, cloth bags, backpacks, artificial fur bags, and wallets.

Rain Jacket Models

The people who don’t like to go outside in rainy weather shouldn’t be afraid of it! Because Manuka raincoats are so lovely, have colors and models that will warm you up, that you will want to rain as soon as possible and wear your Manuka raincoats and enjoy the rain. Don't forget to peek at Manuka’s differently designed raincoats! 

Vest Models

If the weather is not very cold and you look for different clothing models, the vest will be your rescuer. Manuka’s vests in stunning colors and models will be among your indispensable parts in changeable weather for you to wear. If you want to feel sporty and stylish, Manuka is your real address for capuche – no capuche vests, puffer vests, or normal vests alternatives.

Trenchcoat Models

Trenchcoats are undoubtedly indispensable items of spring and autumns months. The trenchcoats, which are preferred for ones who look elegant and simply stylish, are shaped in hands of Manuka’s talented designers and presented to valued customers with different and original designs. We, as the Manuka family, prefer the soft winter colors and every shade of brown for Manuka trenchcoats that appeal to everyone. Don’t forget to visit our website for rich trenchcoats models:

Jean Models 

Pants or blue color come to everyone’s mind when they think of jeans. Do you want to review of your this idea? If you say yes, then you should check Manuka. Because jean is not a pant or blue color for Manuka. Manuka, which combined products such as shirts, jackets, tunics with denim, breathed new life into something by going beyond the ordinary with color options such as lilac, mint, white to denim sector.

Knitwear Models

The knitwear that you can combine freely with your pants and skirts, and indispensable items of winter months take different forms in Manuka’s hands. Manuka’s designers who turn tricots into not just jumpers, but also pants, skirts, set design different products such as a button-front cardigan, braid cardigans, tricot crop, blouses, balloon sleeve jumpers, and tricot dresses for all you.  

Cardigan Models

Manuka is going on to win customers’ hearts with tricot cardigan models and tricot sets. In order to see our new models and be in hot pursuit of trend, then just to stay in tuned and peek our web site are enough.

Sweater Models

Manuka sweater models which make winter months easier and more colorful will provide the valued customers to feel their oats. Manuka sweaters that will bring you comfort even you are outside waiting for the customers with different colors and models such as V-neck, crew neck in our stores and online sales site. 

Shirt Models

The shirts are one of the indispensable parts for stylish women who want to complete their style. Manuka shirts that remove shirts from being a standard product aim to be ambitious pieces of ladies with alternatives models, fabrics colors. Manuka that cares about shirts also has succeeded to win the heart of ladies with the White Shirt Collection. 

Basic Models

We want to be both stylish and basic in our daily life, at school, at work. The way to succeed this is to wear basic pieces. Manuka is an address for women who want to complete their stylishness with comfort and advantageous prices by wearing basic pieces. The only thing that you should do for Manuka Basic Collection which has a single color long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt, timeless striped basic t-shirts is to visit our stores or online sales site.

Dress Models 

If you are looking for a trendy, comfortable, or romantic dress, you are at the right place. Our dresses that are suitable for every season color and models options, fabric types are already on the shelves for our customer that will feel them special. It is possible to reach our various alternative products from

More than… 

Apart from the models mentioned above, jean models, salopettes models, tracksuit models, pant models, sweatshirt models are also available in Manuka which is the pioneer of timeless designs. You have a chance to change yourself from head to foot with Manuka’s rich product range which appeals to every age and style. You can share your peerless Manuka outfits with us or you can add ideas to your ideas with outfit posts which we share on our Instagram account. Please stay in tuned to be informed of our constantly updated products and advantageous discount opportunities.

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