Article 1 - Parties

1.1. Seller

Name : Manuka

Address: Maltepe Mahallesi. Eski Çırpıcı Yolu Sokak. No:2/2B Zeytinburnu / İstanbul

Phone: +90 850 308 56 32 

Email: [email protected]


1.2. Buyer

Name Surname:

  1. ID No:



E-mail :


Article 2- Subject

The buyer acknowledges and agrees that they are informed by seller appropriately to the internet environment in a clear, understandable way about all preliminary information regarding the goods subject to sale such as the seller's name, title, address, telephone and other access information, basic properties of the goods for sale, sales price including taxes, payment method, delivery conditions and costs, etc. and the use of the right of "withdrawal" and how to use this right, official authorities where they can submit their complaints and objections, and confirms this preliminary information electronically and then orders the goods in accordance with the provisions of this contract.


Article 3- Contractual Product / Payment / Delivery Information

The type and type, quantity, brand / model, sales price, payment method, delivery person, delivery address, invoice information, shipping fee of the product / products purchased in electronic environment are as follows. The person to be invoiced and the person making the contract must be the same. The information below must be correct and complete. If this information is not correct or missing, the buyer agrees to any liability that may arise and any to meet any losses will arise from these cases.


In cases deemed necessary, the SELLER reserves the right to discontinue the order when the buyers information does not overlap with the truth. If SELLER determines a problem in the order, the SELLER will freeze the order for 15 (fifteen) days if he / she cannot reach to the BUYER through the phone and email addresses provided by the BUYER. The BUYER is supposed to contact with the SELLER about the issue during this period. During this period, if no response is received by the BUYER, the SELLER cancels the order for the good of both sides.

Purchased Product/Products 

Name, code:; … piece

Total Sales Price: ... - TL

Payment Method: Credit Card / Bank Transfer (EFT)

Delivered to:

Phone Number :

Delivery Address:

The Person/Institution to be invoiced:

Invoice Address :

Tax Office:

Tax Registration Number:

Shipping Fee:… -TL


Article 4- Contract Date and Force Majeure

The contract date/....... /..../.... is the date on which the order was placed by the buyer. 


The non-existing and unforeseen circumstances evolved outside the controls of the parties at the date of the signing of the contract, circumstances  in which one or both parties fail to fulfill the obligations of liabilities and responsibilities, either partially or completely,  shall be considered as force major (Natural disaster, war, terror, riot, other circumstances determined by the provisions of the legislation, seizure or strike, lockout ...). The affected Party shall notify the other party immediately and  in written. 


During the continuation of the force majeure, the parties shall not be held liable for their failure to perform their acts. In the event of the persistance of the force majeure condition for a period of 30 (thirty) days, each of the parties will have the right of unilaterally termination.


Article 5- Rights and Obligations of the Seller

5.1. The seller agrees and undertakes to fulfill the obligations imposed on them in the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, except for force majeure.

5.2. 18 (on sekiz) yaşından küçük kişiler //  ’dan alışveriş yapamaz. The seller will consider the age that buyer specified on the contract to be true. However, the seller shall not be held responsible in any way due to the wrong age information specified by the buyer.

5.2. Sistem hatalarından meydana gelen fiyat yanlışlıklarından //   sorumlu değildir. Based on this, the seller shall not be responsible for the promotional or price errors that may arise from the website system and design as well as illegal interventions to the website. The buyer cannot challenge the seller based on system errors. 

5.3. //   ‘dan kredi kartı (Visa, MasterCard , vs. ) ya da banka havalesi ile alışveriş yapılabilir. Orders of which wire transfers are not made within a week after the date of the order are cancelled. The time of processing the order, is not when the order was placed, but when the collection was made through the credit card or money transfer (EFT's) is confirmed by us. Payment methods such as paid shipment or postal cheque performed without customer services cannot be accepted.

Article 6- Rights and Obligations of the Buyer

Buyer in the contract except for force majeure acts uploaded to it fully accepts and undertakes to comply.

6.2. The buyer accepts and undertakes that they accept the terms of the contract and will make the payment in accordance with the payment method specified in the contract.

6.3. Alıcı, //   internet sitesinden satıcının isim, unvan, açık adres, telefon ve diğer erişim bilgileri satışa konu malın temel nitelikleri, vergiler dahil olmak üzere satış fiyatı, ödeme sekli, teslimat koşulları ve masrafları vs. satışa konu mal ile ilgili tüm ön bilgiler ve “cayma” hakkının kullanılması ve bu hakkın nasıl kullanılacağı, şikayet ve itirazlarını iletebilecekleri resmi makamlar vs. konusunda açık, anlaşılır ve internet ortamına uygun şekilde bilgi sahibi olduğunu bu ön bilgileri elektronik ortamda teyit ettiğini kabul ve beyan eder. 

6.4. Based on the previous article, the Buyer declares that s/he has been informed upon reading the order / payment / usage procedure information at, which includes product order and payment terms, product usage instructions, precautions taken against possible situations and warnings and has given the necessary authorization electronically.

If the buyer wishes to return the product received, he/she agrees and guarantees not to damage the product and packaging under any circumstance, return the original invoice and packaging.




The price of the products in the basket are procesed through a Bank Pos Device from the relevant bank including the VAT prices ( in payments with installments total amount of installments) after the buyer confirms the price. Therefore, the orders are sent to the order confirmation to the customer before being shipped. Shipment is not done before order confirmation request is sent.

Any disruptions in the process or situation that may arise related to problems about the credit card are to be reported with any or all of telephone/fax/e-mail that the BUYER provided in the agreement. If necessary, the buyer may be asked to contact the bank. The time of processing the order, is not when the order was placed, but when the collection was made through the credit card or money transfer (EFT's) is confirmed by us.

In the exceptional case of realizing that the goods subject to contract cannot be aquired for a rightful reason and/or a stocking problem is faced with the buyer is to be clearly and openly informed and with the buyers confirmation and consent the buyer may be provided with equal quality goods with an equal price or within the wish or the choice of the buyer a new product can be sent, wait for the product to be in stock or wait for the removal of another obstacle and/or the order may be cancelled.

In cases where the obligation to deliver is impossible regarding the goods in contract the buyer is notified of the situation and full amount paid for goods or any documents that makes the buyer owing is returned to the buyer within  days and the contract is cancelled. In such a case there will be no demand for the material and moral damages from the seller to the buyer. 



//   ‘da, internet ortamında kredi kartı bilgilerini kullanmak istemeyen alıcılara nakit havale ile sipariş imkanları sunulmuştur. In payments by bank transfer the buyer can select the most suitable bank for transfer. If payment was made through EFT, the date of receiving the payment will be taken into account. For bank transfers and / or EFT while "Sender Information" is required to be the same as the invoice details and the order number must be written. 

After the delivery of the goods to the buyer, if the bank or the financial institution does not pay for the  price of the goods to the seller for the reason that the credit card of the buyer was used unrightfully and unlawfully without the mistake of the buyer , the buyer has to send back the delivered product within 10 days . In such cases the shipping expenses belong to the Buyer.

If buyer has opted to pay by credit card, BUYER confirms the related interest rates and information regarding default interest additionaly from the bank,  agrees, declares and undertakes the legal provisions will be applied in accordance with provisions related interest and default interest in force between the Bank and the BUYER within the scope of"Credit Card Agreement".




With the sending of the order confirmation e-mail, the products / items are given to the sellers contractual courier company.



Product / products will be delivered by courier to the address of the recipient. Delivery time is 10 days after the order confirmation e-mail and issuing of the contract. Provided that the Purchaser to be notified in advance in writing or in a continuous data carrier, this period may be extended up to ten days. 

Products are sent to the areas where the courier company do no make deliveries with phone notice.

There might be delays in areas where the courier delivers once a week, in the event of there are mistakes and lacks in delivery information, in circumstances which social phenomena and natural disasters occur. Seller cannot be held liable by the buyer due to such latencies. If the product is to be delivered to another person / organization from the Buyer, the seller shall not be responsible for the extra shipping costs that may arise from the person / organization not accepting the delivery, inaccuracies in the shipping information and / or the Buyer's not being in place. If the product / products could not be delivered to the customer within the specified days, delivery problems should be reported immediately to the customer service through the e-mail address [email protected].

In the case of a damaged package, the damaged packages should not be received and a report should be kept by the Courier Company official. If the courier company official is firmly in the opinion that the package is not damaged, the buyer holds the right to open the package that moment and ask for an official record of the condition of the goods delivered. After the packet is received by the recipient it is accepted that the courier company has done their duty fully. If the package has not been accepted and minuted, the situation must be reported to Customer Service as soon as possible with a copy of the minutes remaining in the receiver. 



Product Returns:

If there is a defect in the product within seven days after receiving the goods, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract. In accordance with the general notification of the tax procedure law numbered 385, the buyer must fill in the return sections at the bottom of the 2 invoices of the seller delivered with the goods completely and correctly, sign and send a copy to the seller with the product and keep the other copy. The right of withdrawal starts from the day the goods are delivered to the buyer. The cost of returning the returned product or products must be paid by the buyer.

There is no right of withdrawal for goods prepared in line with the buyer's wishes and / or his personal needs.

If the buyer uses his right of withdrawal, the seller will return the total price received within ten days from the receipt of the invoice together with the product, and any documents that put the consumer under debt, without incurring any expense to the consumer.

The decrease in the value of the delivered goods or the existence of a reason that makes it impossible to return does not prevent the use of the right of withdrawal. However, if the decrease in value or the impossibility of the return is due to the consumer's fault, he / she must compensate the value or decrease in the value of the goods. 

The general return period is 7 days for each product purchased inadvertently. During this period, the return of products that have been opened, used, destroyed and so on are not accepted. Returns must be made in original packaging.

In cases where any opening, deterioration, breakage, destruction, tearing, use and other conditions are detected in the product and its packaging, and if the product cannot be returned in the state it was delivered to the buyer, the product will not be returned and the price will not be refunded. 

For product returns, the situation should first be communicated to customer service. The information about the return of the product is sent to the customer by the seller. After this meeting, the invoice containing the information about the product return must be delivered to the seller via the courier company that delivers it to the address of the buyer. If the returned product that reaches the seller meets the conditions specified in this contract, it is accepted as a return, and the refund is made to the credit card / account of the buyer. No refund will be made until the product is returned. The reflection period of credit card refunds on credit card accounts is at the disposal of the relevant bank. 

If the shopping is made with a credit card and in installments, the credit card refund procedure will be applied as follows: If the buyer has submitted the purchase request with the number of installments, the Bank pays the buyer in installments. After the seller pays the entire price of the product to the bank at once, in case the installment expenses made from the Bank POS are returned to the buyer's credit card, the requested refund amounts are transferred to the bearer accounts by the Bank in installments, in order to prevent the parties involved in the matter from falling into disadvantage. The installment amounts paid by the buyer until the cancellation of the sale, if the return date and the card cut-off date do not coincide, 1 (one) refund will be reflected on the card each month and the buyer will receive the installments paid before the return, after the end of the installments of the sale, the number of installments paid before the return, and will be deducted from your current debt.

In the event of the return of goods and services purchased with a card, the seller cannot pay the buyer in cash in accordance with the contract made with the Bank. In case of a refund transaction, the merchant, namely the seller, will make a refund through the relevant software, and the merchant, the seller, is obliged to pay the relevant amount to the Bank in cash or on account, and the buyer cannot be paid in cash in accordance with the procedure detailed above. The refund to the credit card will be made by the Bank in accordance with the above procedure, after the buyer pays the bank the amount in one go.


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