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Plain Socks

Socks and bags are a product that makes our steps more stylish, and provide us to walk happy, hot, energetic, very soft, healthy. When socks were preferred patternless and colorless because of fear of attention in the past, free-spirited fashion sense has become to socks as in clothes, brands have started to produce socks in different styles such as patternless, patterned, colorful, figured, and more. 

Impressive Plain Socks Design By Manuka

Manuka, which treats the themes such as free spirit, happiness, energetic personality, elegant with every style, higher mood, childish cuteness, softness, has done its best in sock collection as in other collections and prepared socks in quite different styles thanks to its talented and experienced fashion designers. Manuka, which impresses with the patternless and patterned models, has shown its generosity in the matter of color for plain socks. When we think in an old-fashioned way, socks are the most ordinary and simple factor, but socks have become the most notable and important piece of the outfits thanks to the Manuka family. Thus, customers get an opportunity to show their style with the difference of socks. Manuka’s plain sock models, which conquer the heart of every segment, have many colors such as claret red, pastel blue, sand, yellow, curry, almond green, olive green, military khaki, stone, pastel green, dark grey, white, dusty rose, mustard, black, pink, bitter black coffee, vanilla, ivory, evergreen, light grey, vintage rose, cupcake, lavender, dark blue, sour cherry, almond, indigo, mint, mink, nude, cinnamon, lilac, brownie, pastel lilac. As you see, Manuka plain socks that are prepared with the most shades of colors, are always in our stores at affordable and advantageous prices. Our socks are waiting for you to protect the health and elegance of your feet. Please do not forget, we should keep our feet hot, our heads cool to prevent illness. 

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